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  • Daily interest accrual
    0.33 USD
  • Annual interest accrual
    3.65 USD
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About us

What is Biterest?

In 2017, Biterest was founded to help Bitcoin users to preserve their Bitcoin when they have a need to sell it. While others sell Bitcoin to cash it, you can apply for a USD loan against your Bitcoin.

The value of the collateral grows following the growth of the BTC price. Therefore, instead of selling Bitcoin at a disadvantageous rate, you HODL and make great profits when Bitcoin price rises.

HODL Bitcoin and make profit with Biterest worldwide

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Unlimited duration

0% commission

Annual percentage rate

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How Biterest Works!

We help you to save your profit as well as your time. Here are 4 simple steps how to get started

Register in under a minute
Specify your loan terms
Deposit Bitcoin collateral
Receive instant loan

Crypto backed loan VS crypto exchange

Why to get a loan is more profitable than selling Bitcoin?

Are you waiting for the best exchange rate to sell Bitcoin?

No need to wait. You can receive a loan at any Bitcoin rate as you don't lose your crypto.

The commission for selling Bitcoin is equal to 1-5 months of loan interest

The interest of 1% will be accrued after a whole month, while a commission for selling Bitcoin is 1-5%.

You HODL your Bitcoin while using the loan

After repaying the loan, you will receive your Bitcoin collateral back in full which could grow several times in price.

Has Bitcoin price significantly increased?

You can withdraw excess collateral from the balance or repay the loan with part of the collateral and get back the rest of it.

Your profit from crypto-backed loan will be much higher than the costs
The Most Flexible Credit Line

For Crypto-Backed Loans

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Biterest

Highest Loan-to-Value

Only on Biterest, you can borrow up to 90% of your Bitcoin value

Repay at any time

You can partially repay the loan at any time

No platform commission

You pay only accrued interest of 0,033% per day

No personality checks

No personality verification. No credit checks

Advanced secure storage

You can check the preservation of your Bitcoin at any time

One minute registration

You need only an email address to sign up

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Stop selling your Bitcoin and take advantage of instant crypto-backed loans!

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How to start?

Biterest respects the privacy and does not require any personal information from the users. You only need your email address for registration.

How to apply for a crypto-backed loan?

To receive a USD loan against your Bitcoin, you should specify a loan amount, select a currency to receive funds, specify your payment details, and provide Bitcoin collateral by topping up your Biterest balance.

How large the collateral needs to be?

The collateral is calculated as a loan amount + 20%. This means that the required collateral on your balance has to be more than the amount of the requested loan. If the loan amount is 1000 USD, then the collateral on your balance needs to be a minimum of 1200 USD.

What are the available currencies to receive a loan?

Currently, the funds can be sent directly to your crypto address in BTC, ETH, USDT.

When Bitcoin price grows rapidly, is it possible to withdraw collateral?

Yes, you can withdraw Bitcoin from your balance which exceeds the required value of the collateral. The greater the price of BTC is, the greater amount of Bitcoin is available to withdraw without repaying a loan.

What happens to the loan if Bitcoin price drops sharply?

The collateral decreases in value significantly too, that is why you need to add more collateral to your balance. Otherwise, a Margin Call occurs, and your loan will be automatically repaid by Bitcoin from your balance. Margin Call happens when the balance value becomes only 10% higher than the used loan limit. For example, if your used loan limit is 1000 USD, the Magin Call will occur at the balance of 1100 USD.

Is it possible to partially repay the loan?

You can repay the loan with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and directly from your balance.

Do you have more questions?

Biterest Support team is here to help you and make sure the platform suits your needs

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