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Affiliate program Biterest Instant
Please note that the administration of Biterest platform has the right to change the terms and conditions of the current affiliate program.
Take part in the Biterest Affiliate Program!
Attract new users and earn 30 USD for a new borrower. You will be provided with an affiliate link, through which you can invite new users and in return receive money.

An affiliate is a user who invites other users on Biterest through their affiliate link.
An invited user is a new user who was registered using an affiliate link.
To start earning with Biterest Instant, you need to:
  • Sign up for Biterest. Contact support or chat to be approved as a partner. Your affiliate link will be available in your account
  • Share your affiliate link on your website, blog or YouTube channel
  • Add your affiliate link to your comments and discussions
  • Share the link on social media, messengers, chats, and forums
  • Send your link to your friends that are actively using cryptocurrencies
  • Or use any other effective way to attract more new users on Biterest, be creative!
Terms of the Biterest affiliate program:
  • You can link to any Biterest page, for example, the main page, blog, page about the loan terms of the service
  • You will earn for attracting new users who came to the site through your affiliate link and successfully received a loan
  • The payment will be done, if the invited user receives a loan of at least 100 USD for a period of 1 month or more
  • Reward will be instantly credited to your affiliate balance. The balance currency is USD
  • The amount of the reward is 30 USD for the attracted user
  • Funds will be credited to the Affiliate Balance instantly, but will become available for withdrawal after 30 day
  • Funds from the affiliate balance can be withdrawn to a bitcoin address or transferred to the balance of your Biterest account
  • The minimum amount available for withdrawal to a bitcoin address is 10 USD
How to calculate a remuneration:
On 1st of January, you invites the user through your affiliate link.
On 2nd of January, the user you attracted receives a loan (min. 100 USD) and uses the loan on Biterest for 1 month.
On 2nd of January, after granting a loan to the user you attracted, 30 USD is credited to your affiliate balance
On 2d of February, money becomes available for withdrawal if all the conditions are met.
How to get the affiliate link?
Write a letter to: support@biterest.com if you want to become Biterest's partner.
After confirmation from our support, you will see the Affiliate program section in your account.
The affiliate balance will not be available for withdrawal if Biterest administration suspects any fraud or cheating. The administration reserves the right to terminate partnerships with unscrupulous partners anytime, or to refuse cooperation with any partner without giving a reason.