The 5 main questions about the discount

What is the discounted collateral value? What is a purpose of using the discount? How Margin Call is associated with the discount? How to choose the discount? How to calculate the initial collateral value and the collateral value of Margin Call?

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Biterest has been updated!

On the 22nd of March we launched a new mechanism for accepting loan applications on Biterest. The borrower now provides collateral after the loan application is accepted by the lender.

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Are you sure that your bitcoins are stored in safe?

The greatest fear of cryptocurrency users is theft and hacking of their cryptocurrency wallets. More than 50% of respondents gave that answer, according to a study conducted by Let's find out how to keep bitcoins in safe.

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Biterest ICO is coming...

We worked hard, we have results and we need more resourses to go ahead! Join us!

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Our plans for 2018

New coins and transfers, cards and other perspectives for 2018.

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